The Council for the Spanish Speaking, Inc. advocates on behalf of Latinos and the socially and economically challenged. It offers programs in education, housing and human services to improve quality of life for families, children, youth, and the aging; promotes cultural, racial and linguistic understanding; and community planning and development supportive of social and economic equity.


The Council for the Spanish Speaking, Inc. will be a leader in the delivery of quality bilingual programs and services to Latinos and the socially and economically challenged; it will create opportunities for advancement, promote equal access to the tools necessary to fulfill personal and family goals and economic self-sufficiency; and, it will advocate for social and economic conditions that improve quality of life for all.


♦ Committed to a lifetime of advocacy and services to the socially and economically challenged and to partnerships with those who advance these purposes
♦ Committed to initiatives that promote education, housing, health, and the welfare of children, youth, families and the aging, so as to improve their chances for a better life
♦ Committed to peaceful communities free from violence
♦ Committed to social justice and educational, economic, racial/ethnic, language and gender equity for all members of the community
♦ Committed to sustaining linguistic, cultural, and art traditions
♦ Committed to improving economic conditions which create sustainable jobs that lead to individual and community social productivity and self sufficiency.
♦ Committed to the principles of a learning organization –one that self reviews for improvement and advocates on behalf of the individuals that work for it.